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LikeMeat is So Good It's Good. Our plant-based chick'n products made to satisfy the meatiest of cravings. At LikeMeat we've turned your favorite meals into plant-based products. Because we believe that eating well shouldn't mean giving up the food you love.


At LikeMeat, we believe that eating well shouldn’t mean giving up the food and traditions people love! Enjoying a plant-based lifestyle is easy when it tastes this good.

Our plant-based products have a superior taste and tender, juicy texture that makes mouths water. So you can keep on cookin` without changing the menu. Join our tasty plant-based revolution today!

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All our LikeMeat products are RTC (Ready-to-Cook). Please follow your current food handling procedures.

Products must be stored in the freezer.

Our plant-based products are made with soy and/or pea protein.

Developed by real meat eaters for real meat lovers, we use plant-based ingredients to replicate the flavors and texture of meat. So you can enjoy your most carniverous cravings, without killing any animals.

Yes, all of our products are vegan. This means our products do not contain any animal products. It’s good for you, and the animals.

At Like Meat we believe in doubling our pleasure: making tasty, indulgent food you can feel good about eating. Because we believe that eating well shouldn’t mean giving up the tasty food and traditions you love. Because it’s easier to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle when it tastes just as good. That’s why our plant-based products were developed to satisfy the meatiest of cravings, without sacrificing the textures and flavors that make our mouths water. So you can keep on grillin’, without changing the menu.

We use soy protein as the main ingredient in our products.

LikeMeat products do not contain any wheat or gluten. We test our products frequently to ensure safety and quality.

Our products in Europe are certified gluten-free. In the US, our products are not certified gluten-free but they are made and formulated below the US FDA threshold for gluten (20ppm) and qualify as gluten free.

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