Made with soy or pea protein, LikeMeat’s deliciously drool-worthy products will hit the spot without “murder”.

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Love the deliciously drool-worthy flavor and texture of chicken, kebab and bratwurst?

Our plant-based meat products were made to satisfy even the meatiest of cravings. Don’t give up meat, sink your teeth into LikeMeat. Yup, it’s true. Our meaty LikeMeat products are totally plant-based and totally delicious. Ideal for your classic meat dishes. You’re welcome.

Chicken Burger 2

All of our products are deliciously plant-based and thus suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

Our range can be used for easy swops to enjoy your classics the plant-based way! Just substitute the meat for our delicious LikeMeat products. Not sure what to make or how to prepare our dishes? Explore this website, to be inspired by droolworthy recipes satisfying even the meatiest carvings, without the guilt. Because of LikeMeat, live just got a little bit better.

Most of our products are also gluten free, plant-based and high in protein, what’s not to like?

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