Deliciously plant‑based.

At LikeMeat, we're crazy about making drool-worthy food that satisfies your meatiest cravings.

Join our tasty plant-based revolution today! LikeMeat products are conveniently available in the refrigerated section your local supermarket and online. Go to the Find Us page. to see which of your favorite stores sell our delicious products.

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Deliciously plant-based.

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Wouldn’t more people be saving the world, if saving the world tasted better?

At LikeMeat, we believe that eating well shouldn’t mean giving up the food and traditions you love. Because it’s easier to enjoy a healthy lifestyle when it tastes just as good. That’s why our plant-based products were developed to satisfy the meatiest of cravings, without sacrificing the textures and flavors that make our mouths water. So you can keep on grillin’, without changing the menu.

LikeMeat - Your gluten-free source of fiber
LikeMeat - Non GMO
LikeMeat - 95% recycled plastic tray
LikeMeat - Made with plants

Pick up a fork,
not a placard.

When everything you eat starts and ends with joy, eating good food becomes a force for change: for you, the food industry and the planet. So pick up your fork, not a placard, and dig in.