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Yellow Curry with Like Chicken Bites

Alfredo Like Chicken Pasta

Like MAX Crispy plant-based burgers

Like Chicken Satay Skewers

Homemade Döner kebab

Asparagus Like Chicken Pasta Salad

What if you could do good and still eat dirty?

After all, helping the planet is pretty tough when it’s a drool-worthy chicken taco or BBQ chicken sandwich you’re being asked to give up. Our products are made with authentic flavors and textures, so you can keep eating the meals you crave without a side order of guilt.

We understand that food is personal.

Our range can be used for easy swops to enjoy your classics the plant-based way! Just substitute the meat for our delicious LikeMeat products. Not sure what to make or how to prepare our dishes? Explore this website, to be inspired by droolworthy recipes satisfying even the meatiest carvings, without the guilt. Because of LikeMeat, live just got a little bit better.

Most of our products are also gluten free, plant-based and high in protein, what’s not to like?

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