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Crispy Nugget Tacos

BBQ Nugget pizza

Sweet Sour Chick’n Nuggets & Rice Bowl

Thai-Style Chick’n Nugget Wraps

What if you could do good and still eat dirty?

After all, helping the planet is pretty tough when it’s a drool-worthy chicken taco or BBQ chicken sandwich you’re being asked to give up. Our products are made with authentic flavors and textures, so you can keep eating the meals you crave without a side order of guilt.

We understand that food is personal.

That’s why we believe the way to turn meat eaters into flexitarians is through pleasure: not deprivation. Because you should eat what you like, and like what you eat. When everything you eat starts and ends with joy, eating good food becomes a force for change: for you, the food industry, and the planet. So pick up your fork, not a placard, and dig in.

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Falling for our meaty plant-based texture?

Crispy, tender, cannot tell the difference from real meat!

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True carnivore, but Like is the exception

Mindful meat lover

Hands down the best plant-based chicken I’ve tried

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