The Beginning:

Do you like meat? We do!

LikeMeat was founded by Timo Recker in Wetschen, Germany in 2013. His family background is in the meat industry and he loves meat. At some point he realised that plant-based protein was better for his personal health and for that of the planet. At the time he couldn’t find anything that could replace meat that didn’t mean sacrificing taste or texture, so he decided he had to create it himself… which led to the birth of LikeMeat.

“I wanted to recreate all the things that I love – chicken, kebabs, sausages – in a healthy way and without losing any flavour or satisfaction. And I wanted to make sure that you can stand next to your buddy at the BBQ and proudly throw on some pea sausages. For us, it’s not about creating a substitute. It’s about making amazing food.”

“LikeMeat products are now becoming available throughout Europe. They are already on sale in 15,000 supermarkets und 10 European countries. Soon everyone will be able to experience the taste, convenience and health of a plant-protein future.
See you in the kitchen!”

Our Mission:

Make our food the obvious choice, every day of the week, by delivering awesome products with kick-ass branding.

We know that we can’t carry on consuming as we are today. The planet, its animals and our bodies are telling us that there must be a better way.

At LikeMeat we believe that it’s not really complicated to change what we eat without changing what we are used to. We believe that we should be able to eat well and live an enjoyable, healthy life with both old traditions and new habits. Not either/or.

For this reason we have created a way of doing without meat on the menu – but not having to do without. There’s no sacrifice, because our products have all the texture and flavours that make your mouth water, and there’s no guilt at the grill. We’re not a meat substitute, but an obvious choice.

We don’t want to change ourselves – we just want to change our menu.


Good for the environment

At LikeMeat we continually evaluate how we work and look for ways how we can become even better and more sustainable.

What we do to sustain our planet:

No rainforest had to be destroyed for our soybeans, and the beans we use are GMO-free. In addition, our sleeve is supplied by an FSC certified manufacturer. This seal stands for “Forest Stewardship Council” and guarantees that wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests. Our packaging trays are made from recycled materials, which our supplier processes with a special form of technology. This allows a reduction in the carbon footprint by up to 70% in comparison with non-recycled materials.

A plant-based diet can lower the use of our resources. The production of one kilo of LikeMeat Mince requires 50 times less land, 12 times less water and 27 times less CO2 than the production of one kilo of beef mince.



50 times less land consumption



12 times less water consumption

Saubere Luft

Clean air

27 times less CO2 production

Our Vision:

To create a future with a better way of eating for a greater way of life.

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