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Nuggets and mash


Nuggets and mash

Line, 8 April 2020

Nuggets and mash:

Well, we all know bangers and mash right? The British classic of sausages and mashed potatoes, you can make that, that’s great, but it’s cute cousin nuggets and mash is VERY good too!

Again, this is meant as a “use what you have recipe”. So the mash doesn’t have to be potato, have any cellery root, carots or sweet potato? Use those, mix it up. 

1 package of Like Nuggets

500g of potatoes

1 tbsp of vegan butter

1 dl of plant milk (we used oat milk)

A handful of sage leaves

Some capers

Olive oil

Salt and peber


Do this:

Boil the potatoes in well salted water until completely tender. Leave the peel on the potatoes, it’s healthy and gives you some consistancy. 

When the potatoes are tender, mash them with a fork add vegan butter, plant milk, salt and peber. 

Fry the Like Nuggets in olive oil and at the end, when they are nearly ready, throw in the sage leaves and capers. 

Serve with a green salad, baked tomatoes, some fried cabbage, whatever you have and feel like, just get some veggies in 🙂

Meet our chef

Meet the chef Line

Hi everybody! I’m Line, I’m a vegan chef from Denmark, and I’ll be sharing news, tips & tricks, trends of the amazing dishes you can make with LikeMeat. Let’s get cooking! Remember to tag LikeMeat whenever you cook something cool with our products! It’s always an inspiration to see your creativity!

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