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Let us be thankful!


Let us be thankful!

Line, 28 November 2019



Thanksgiving is upon us, it’s tonight. We Europeans don’t really celebrate this, for good reason, but if it’s about good food – we’re in!


So we have LikeMeatified the turkey pie classic and have a recipe for green bean casserole, an all American thanksgiving favourite, fin the recipes in our next ost.


Let’s all be thankful and remember the only way to have a turkey for thanksgiving is to invite it over for green bean casserole, am I right? 😀

Being thankful for everything we’ve got is a cool way to spend a day, so if all of us try to ignore the impending shopping frenzy that is BLACK FRIDAY! Let’s instead be thankful for the things we already have, like our health, family, friends, food, clothes, roof over our head, maybe even a dog friend. And even if you don’t have all of those things, most of us have something to be grateful for.


So let’s spend today thinking extra much about the cool things in our lives. That can be the European interpretation of Thanksgiving, and if some of the things you are grateful for aren’t things, but people, let them know how you feel. Even if it’s just at text or a hug. We need to be nice to each other and eat more veggies.


Happy thanksgiving!

Line and the LikeMeat team.

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