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International waffle day


International waffle day

Line, 25 March 2020

Today is international waffle day!


We know times are strange and social distancing and staying in the house can be very hard, but something that will make life at home better is waffles!

We have gone waffle crazy and made 3 different types of savoury waffles, waffles are way more than dessert, snacks and breakfast, it can be lunch and dinner aswell 🙂

One of the recipes, the american style “Like Chik’n’waffles” is somewhere between, we admit putting syrup on a savoury dish seems odd, but give it a go, it’s GOOD.

A little waffle history. Some say that technically the waffle origins from Greece, because they made a type of thick pancake between tro metal pans before the french and belgians started making waffles as we know them in the 18th century.


The guy who may not have invented, but patented the waffle iron in 1889 was called Cornelius Swarthout. We owe him a lot, thanks Cornelius! His patented version was the castiron waffle iron that you put on a gas stove. We wonder who the brilliant mind was that made the electric waffle iron that most of us use today.

Our recipes are in the next posts and we think you should try all of them and let us know how just how good they are 🙂

Meet our chef

Meet the chef Line

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