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First meal plan of 2020!


First meal plan of 2020!

Line, 15 January 2020

We’re back 🙂

So, 2020 is already well on it’s way and hopefully you’ve all had great christmases and happy new years! Let’s make 2020 an amazing year for the animals, us and the planet and let’s start with our food. An what better way to do that, than by following this weeks meal plan full of plants, protein and love?

Shopping list

2 packages of Like Chicken Bites

1 package of Like mince



2 onions


1 leek

500g carrots

Fresh thyme

Fresh coriander

200g mushrooms

1 lemon

1 green bell peber

1 fresh jalapeño chili

1 lime


Plant dairy

plant butter

plant yoghurt

plant feta

plant mayo

plant cream

1/2L of GOOD red wine

frozen peas

frozen corn

1 can of chopped tomatoes

1 can of kidney beans

1 stout beer

dark chocolate


Things you will need,  but probably already have:

oil for frying

dried thyme


corn starch

whole wheat flour

wheat flour



chili powder



smoked paprika

Meet our chef

Meet the chef Line

Hi everybody! I’m Line, I’m a vegan chef from Denmark, and I’ll be sharing news, tips & tricks, trends of the amazing dishes you can make with LikeMeat. Let’s get cooking! Remember to tag LikeMeat whenever you cook something cool with our products! It’s always an inspiration to see your creativity!

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