Apparel to keep your
nuggets warm

Chomp on nuggets -
whenever, wherever

Like Nuggets? Like Pockets? The Nugget Pocket is a versatile utility vest with insulated Like Nugget storage – for 1.5hrs of toasty nuggs on the go. It’s fully equipped with a secret hot sauce stash, napkin dispenser and lots of handy pockets. Made from organic cotton, tencel and upcycled delivery bags, this vest is as good as the nuggs inside. Saving the planet never looked and tasted better – so grab a nugget and eat good.
Want one? Head over to our LikeMeat Instagram account to have the chance of winning one of our Limited Edition Nugget Pocket Vests.

I want one!

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Nuggetwear, now a thing.

Nuggetwear, now a thing.